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10mg DMZ
5mg Methyl-Sten
20mg Methyl 1-Alpha
15mg Max-LMG
All prohormones should be properly stacked PCT and a Liver Cleaner. We like Now Foods Liver Detoxifier and this PCT.

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Looking for the ultimate mass stack that will help put on 12-18lbs of rock hard solid muscle in one month? Well stop looking, this is the stack you need! With 4 prohormones in one stack, this is the real deal.

DMZ: Dimethylzine or DMZ is also known as 17beta-hydroxy 2alpha,17, beta-dimethyl 5alpha, -androstan3-on azine.

DMZ is an excellent compound for zero water retention, increased vascularity, as well as lean dry full muscle gains.

Methyl-Sten: Methylstenbolone provides increases in mass, size, and strength. Unlike superdrol, Methylstenbolone retains little to no water retention meaning you can bulk up without losing definition. This will provide the look of much fuller muscles. Many people after experiencing methylstenbolone prefer it over superdrol.

Methyl 1-Alpha: AKA: M1A: In one word? STRONG. It’s known to have some conversion to M1T (Methyl-1-Testosterone) as M1A/Alpha One is a precursor to M1T, however legit information regarding the rate of conversion is unknown. Most educated estimates are in the 15-20% range. Methyl 1-AD is an already active steroid.

Max-LMG: Max LMG is progestin designed to give solid gains . The progestational activity of methoxygonadiene (once it is converted to its active metabolites) is considered to be slightly stronger than nandrolone. This means muscle building with Max LMG in your cycle gives you higher quality hardening effects. Since it acts as anti-progesterone, there are decreased negative effects of extra estrogen and increased libido.

All prohormones should be properly stacked with a PCT and a Liver Cleaner. We like Now Foods Liver Detoxifier and this PCT.

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