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Animal Rage 315 Orange Juiced

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With each and every robust encapsulated pack you toss back or butt kicking shot of Rage you throw down, you’re ensured a rush of ergogenic voltage straight to the head.

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Animal Rage 315

Orange Juiced 44 servings – Universal

The Ultimate Energy Performance Stack

As a hardcore trainer, you need to take advantage of each and every workout. You don’t have time for half hearted workouts. If you’re not maximizing it in the gym, you’re giving half effort to your training and that ain’t getting you closer to your physique goals. And it doesn’t matter how great your diet is because to put first things first, business needs to get done in the gym. If you want to progress in this game, every rep counts. Every set counts. Every workout counts. The most hard-training, hardcore, elite bodybuilders demand optimum performance from every training session. To get the most out of the workout, one must tap into their inner rage.

Flipping the switch, as we call it, taking common emotions like anger and frustration and turning them into potent productivity in the weight pit. Digging deep into the dark reservoir within and finding the fury necessary to punish the unyielding weights necessary to change a mere man into something more. This transformation, and the approach to the tools necessary to bring it about, are not only a byproduct of the hallmarks of success consistency, tenacity and hard work, but also of the ability for a good man, an upstanding member of society, to tap into his own shadow self, and to find his inner rage.

This rage is a dangerous thing when left unchecked, but focused and managed, it can manifest itself in glorious ways. Pulling deep from within, this rage is capable of pushing a man to extremes, testing his limits. Bringing about a seeming “out of body experience” where daunting weights and punishing training sessions are simply no match. In the crush or be crushed, run or walk realities of handling the heaviest of poundage, going through the motions in the gym simply will never suffice. This is where the dedicated few leave nothing to chance. When pouring their anger into their new becoming, when channeling their fury into eclipsing their personal bests, there is zero margin for error. Their form is precise and their supplementation is meticulous. They carry with them, the secret, the edge they can call upon when it is time to dig deep.

This ace up the most hardcore sleeve is the new Animal Rage. Tested twice in the trenches and tweaked to the exact specifications of the most loyal and gritty Animal die-hards in the rigorous Agent O Alpha Testing trials, Animal Rage hits the ground sprinting as an entity from day one. Energy. Focus. Intensity. Insanity.* These four simple words are the hallmarks of this remarkable product. The energy to surge through your workouts. Laser-like focus on the goal at hand. The intensity to manhandle the big weights. The insanity to push the envelope and smash your previous limits. A priceless tool for bodybuilders, power-lifters and strongmen alike.

Not only is the feeling of being “on” Animal Rage like none other and the performance enhancement capabilities mind blowing, but the simple act of taking this compound is an experience in and of itself. Different than any other Animal product to come before (since the days of Nitro and Nitro G), there will be two forms of Animal Rage, tailored specifically to the individual gym warrior’s wants and needs. Known for their comprehensive packs, it goes without saying that Animal Rage will be available in capsule form, individually pre-dosed as always. But it doesn’t end there. This concentrated focus, energy and performance formula will also be available in a powder. Mixed with only 4 ounces of water and administered as a “shot”, the Animal Rage powder is to be banged back with authority. Be forewarned, it’s got some kick. This stuff ain’t for your average Joe gym goer.

The Animal Rage formula is comprised of four powerful complexes, in the spirit of all Animal products before it, delivering a comprehensive and precision measured dose of energy, focus and performance nutrients. With each and every robust encapsulated pack you toss back or butt kicking shot of Rage you throw down, you’re ensured a rush of ergogenic voltage straight to the head.

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